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Data Literacy Resources

Data Literacy is the ability to read, understand, create, and communicate with data throughout all phases of the data lifecycle.

It transcends disciplines. So, learning this skill can help you become a data-translating asset to any team you join. 

Here are a few of our favorite resources to help you analyze, store, manage and present data more effectively.

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Qlik Data Literacy Certification

This 2.5 hour exam is free to take  and is a great way to start thinking about how data is used in a business context.

It covers 4 content areas:

  • Interpreting business requirements 

  • Understanding and transforming data

  • Designing, building, and interpreting visualizations

  • Analyzing, acting on, and sharing results

Learn about the prerequisites and training Qlik offers for this certification and register to take it here.

Tableau Data Literacy for All

This free training covers data literacy topics and most of the examples help you understand how Tableau reads, manipulates, and presents data.

The 7 areas of focus are:

  • Introduction to Data Literacy

  • Recognizing Well-Structured Data

  • Exploring Variables and Field Types

  • Exploring Aggregation and Granularity

  • Understanding Distributions

  • Understanding Variations for Wise Comparisons

  • Using Correlation and Regression to Examine Relationships

Start the training here.

Coursera Health Information Literacy for Data Analytics Specialization

This certification gives in-depth exposure to how data moves from patient encounters to the EHR to claims data to quality improvement initiatives. I recommend this if you are interested in learning how to follow the data as it travels through the healthcare data lifecycle.

You can also take any 1 of the 4 courses on your own:

  • Healthcare Data Literacy

  • Healthcare Data Models

  • Healthcare Data Quality and Governance

  • Analytical Solutions to Common Healthcare Problems

Learn about the certification and the courses here.


Essentials of Data Literacy

In this free course, you will learn the 6 stages of the data lifecycle and how to apply them in R.

We start from the very beginning, with how to setup R and RStudio, and walk through how to establish a professional portfolio as a data professional.

This course launched June 8, 2020 and elevates the expertise of Black women who are statisticians and data scientists.

Enhance your data literacy and preparedness for Introductory Biostatistics with our mini-course.

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