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Brand Narrative Template

As you grow your network, use your brand narrative to concisely summarize important parts of your journey and help others get to know more about you personally, so that you might partner together in the future.


Use this Canva template to get started!

        You will receive instructions on choosing the right output format (JPEG or PDF) from Canva, depending on where you plan to share your narrative.

        Brand Narrative Template

        • The brand narrative template includes 5 sections:

          Header: For your title, a featured affiliation, and a summary quote

          Timeline: Share your educational and organizational pathway

          Highlight: Emphasize the most important lessons learned at each stage in your career

          Photos: Select iconic moments of celebration and collaboration.

          Outro: Leave with a final sentiment that sums up who you are. Mine says "I am a... Mother, Wife, Mentor"

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