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We've curated exercises and resources for women looking to:

  • Build on introductory Biostats concepts

  • Complete a research project or capstone

  • Pivot into more data intensive-roles

My name is Asya and I created Rose Data Studio to help ambitious professionals learn the data skills they need to achieve health equity for all.

Welcome! So excited you are here.

Bridge the gap between what you learned in statistics courses and what you need for on-the-job success.

As you take charge of your career, there are hundreds of courses, books and workshops that can teach you the latest data skills.


I specialize in filtering through them to help you figure out which ones you should take, based on your career goals.


Whether you are learning a new software, completing a project, or preparing for a career shift, I will support you in mastering the skills you need to thrive.

Here's what our clients say:

Graduation Day!
UCLA, MS in Biostatistics

As a teaching assistant, I specialized in helping students master concepts, even when learning statistics and Stata for the first time.


I bring over 10 years of experience as statistician,to coaching professionals to success in courses, projects, and interview presentations.


​I can help you learn to analyze your data in Excel, R, SAS, SPSS, SQL, Stata, & Tableau.

From mathematics to population health analytics​

Let's work together!

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Aieshia, Doctoral Student

I was having such a difficult time understanding SPSS in my doctoral statistics class that I needed help ASAP. I’m used to working with SAS which is a completely different tool. 

Two strategies I learned were how to develop a critical analytical approach by truly understanding the reasoning behind certain statistical tests and to create research questions that align with what the statistical tests can assess.

Midanna, Public Health Researcher

I was tasked with working on a complex statistical analysis and was unsure if I was approaching the challenge in the best way.


Bouncing ideas back and forth allowed me to explore other potential strategies for analysis and opportunities for visualization. In the end, my final product was praised by colleagues!



Develop a training plan and job or internship search strategy based on your goals and experience.

Tutoring and Skills Building

Maximize your ability to apply skills gained in the courses and certificate programs you're enrolled in with our signature tutoring and mentoring program.

Statistical Consulting

Receive expert support on your Research Project, Capstone, or Dissertation.

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