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Rose Data Studio offers training + coaching to grow your quantitative skills & advance your career.

About Our Data Skills Workshops

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Hands-on Learning

Participants get practical experience using modern data tools to grow their capacity for data storytelling and statistical analysis techniques.

Expert Instruction

Led by an experienced instructor with 10+ years of experience in data science and analytics.

Personalized Guidance

Interactive sessions with ample time for questions and feedback.

Our Data Tools and Curriculum

Foundations of Biostatistics

Build a solid foundation in Biostatistics using R and Tableau.

Data Storytelling

Go beyond defaults to deliver insights to various audiences, leveraging Excel and Tableau.

Data Career Design

Prepare for the next steps in your data career using life design and portfolio-building activities.

Testimonials from Past Participants

Personable and knowledgeable

"In her delivery, it was obvious that Asya has a command of not just data analytics, but the many methodologies used to visualize and articulate study outcomes. She was able to relate her skills and knowledge to an audience of STEM professionals and students in such a way that many remarked that her session was “excellent” in our post event evaluations."

We've already scheduled a future training

"Asya was amazing at engaging a group of early-career public health professionals, many of whom weren’t comfortable working with data, and made data feel less intimidating to them." 

Builds confidence and helps students of all backgrounds

"Asya brings particular talent to breaking complex concepts down into manageable pieces and providing practical and relevant examples. I can see her expertise being particularly beneficial to students who tend to be intimidated by math and science."

A great role model for learners of all ages

"Asya's motivational story of learning data science, finding your own fit, owning your journey, thinking outside your box, and helping others think outside their boxes, is a great base to teach career development and data science."

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