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Rose Data Studio offers training + coaching to grow your quantitative skills & advance your career.

Welcome! So excited you are here.


My name is Asya (sounds like Asia) and I created Rose Data Studio

to develop a diverse data workforce and achieve health equity through data consulting and training.

I train new-to-data professionals to define their data identity so that they can advance equity with data-informed solutions in all stages of their careers.

Why Rose Data Studio Exists

As you take charge of your career, there are hundreds of courses, books and workshops that can teach you the latest data skills.


I offer courses, workshops, and coaching to help you

  • align with the type of data professional you want to be

  • create a project portfolio to demonstrate your skills and

  • elevate yourself into new career opportunities.

Whether you are learning new software, completing a project, or preparing for a career shift, I will support you in mastering the skills you need to thrive.

What we offer

Data Education Workshops

Our workshops equip STEM and public health professionals with collaborative data skills that enable them to advance equity in the modern data workplace.

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Data Courses and Coaching

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Our self-paced courses and career coaching help data professionals define their data identity and build aligned skills.

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Asya Spears

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