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Podcast Appearances

Data Bytes, by Women in Data

What will it take for us to achieve equity in data careers? I share from my lived experience and from the research I've looked at so far while embarking on my dissertation. I share how entrepreneurship impacts the way I am approaching school this time around. Plus, we end the episode with a special gift for listeners!

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I talk about my journey into population health analytics and data literacy. I also provide advice to current public health students and recent graduates who are interested in working with data and looking for new opportunities.


In "Becoming a Biostatistician", I share the steps in my college experience that moved me from being a Biology to a Math major, talk about my favorite software for data visualization, and what it's like to work on a team with other analysts.


In this episode, we talk about the importance of people with a variety of diverse backgrounds entering the analytics field, especially in Public Health and Health Informatics. I also provide some amazing career advice for those who are interested in breaking into the field.


We walk through all the job experiences on my LinkedIn page, and I share what I learned from each experience, as well as what I am looking forward to pursuing in the future!


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