I speak at the intersection of public health, data storytelling, and equitable statistics education.

"Students shared that Asya transformed their outlook on data and how to effectively communicate it. Asya’s style and expertise are unmatched. She created extremely useful handouts and resources for further learning and exploration of data visualization."


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Keynote Topics Include

What is data storytelling? And, why is it essential to develop as an analyst?

As a data analyst, you spend more time getting to know the data than anyone. How do you then design a presentation that will translate that knowledge into the strategy that improves outcomes? Learn the foundations of data storytelling, and practice techniques you can add to your data visualization process that will allow your stakeholders to leave your presentations with actionable data-driven next steps.

Data Literacy to influence Public Health: From analysis to data project management

Learning to code and creating your first Tableau dashboards are exciting steps! What's next? As you work throughout the data lifecycle, you may find yourself in a position to adopt and advocate for tools that can improve data project management. Learn the foundations of data literacy, why it's important, and adapt strategies to take with you on your lifelong journey in public health data analysis.

Career design in the age of Big Data: Preparing to Pivot

With the arrival of large-scale data collection capabilities, every industry approaches new data-driven possibilities. With all the software, online courses, and techniques available, how do you decide where you will get the training you need to make your best contributions? Asya will share about her journey through academia and industry. Learn how to design clear next steps to achieve your data-analytic career goals.

Custom talk for your team or event

Work with Asya directly to shape a talk or workshop using your data that is encouraging and offers tactics for enhancing data analytic and career success.

"She was invited to share her unique academic and professional journey with our diverse student population. Asya presented a well thought out, engaging and informative presentation for students with a focus on making sure that they were actively involved in the flow of the presentation. I would invite her to another event as a speaker without hesitation."


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I create space for reflection, active learning, and encouragement along your data journey.

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