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Data training + mentoring to grow your quantitative skills & advance your career.

Thrive with Data Tutoring

Rose Data Studio offers tutoring for Public Health and Graduate-level Statistics, Biostatistics, and Data Analysis courses that use R, SAS, SPSS, Stata, SQL, Excel, and Tableau.


With our focus on data literacy, expertise in population health analytics, and a strong foundation in statistics, you will not only gain knowledge of how to work through problems, but also an understanding of how your coursework connects to real-world research and data analytics.

The Ideal Student

The ideal Rose Data Studio tutoring client:

  • enjoys learning

  • balances school with other life priorities

  • is open to new approaches to mastering statistics and data concepts

We work with adult learners and people who returned to school after a break, whether they are taking statistics for the 1st or 4th time.

Interested in group tutoring? Learn more about our group rates!

Why Rose Data Studio?

Learn about our tutoring framework


A tutor who emphasizes building a strong data foundation


Lead tutor Asya Spears has been tutoring math and statistics since 2008 and was voted as Best Biostatistics TA at UCLA in 2013. Since then, she has created data science learning experiences that teach fundamentals to people of all backgrounds.

She earned her BS in Mathematics, MS in Biostatistics, and is currently pursuing a PhD with a focus on STEM Education and data skills acquisition.



Sessions are $125 USD per hour and packages are customized based on the length of your course.

Whether you are taking your course over a quarter, semester, or summer term, you will have the support you need from first assignment through final.

Groups of Students Enrolled in the same course

Rose Data Studio offers Group Tutoring Rates Two students pay $93.75 each. Group pays 1.5x tutor's 1-on-1 hourly rate (25% discount per student). Three students pay $72.92 each. Group Pays 1.75x tutor's 1-on-1 hourly rate (42% discount per student). Four students pay $62.50 each. Group pays 2x tutor's 1-on-1 hourly rate. (50% discount per student) For example, if you form a 4-person group with a tutor that costs $125/hr for 1-on-1 tutoring, the group will pay a TOTAL of $250/hr


Schedule a tutoring consultation

In this $50 half-hour, connect with Asya to share more about your course and career goals, receive resources that address your immediate needs, and determine if we should move forward with tutoring.

Tutor Consult
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