Data Analysis in Public  Health

This list includes Courses, Tutorials, Books and online references to help you master the concepts of Biostatistics.

Use the cheat sheets to advance your programming skills and the data visualization resources to tell meaningful stories with data, whether you use Excel, R, SAS, SPSS, Stata or Tableau.

The latest version of the guide also includes my favorite SQL resources.

Data Visualization Word Search

When's the last time you played a word search? Perhaps today will be the first time you do one focused on data visualization!

This puzzle includes terms that you pick up as you start to experiment with data visualization in Tableau and R. PowerBI is included as well.


Several types of plots are featured. Did we include one of your favorites?

Essentials of Data Literacy

In this free course, you will learn the 6 stages of the data lifecycle and how to apply them in R.

We start from the very beginning, with how to setup R and RStudio, and walk through how to establish a professional portfolio as a data professional.

This course launched June 8, 2020 and elevates the expertise of Black women who are statisticians and data scientists.

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