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Thinking about shifting the trajectory of your data journey?

We offer courses and data coaching to help women in data map their next steps!
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What is the key skill I will sharpen?

Through our training, you will walk away with a greater measure of Data Literacy, which allows you to create, analyze and communicate with data across many contexts, both in and outside of academia. 

What is technical mentoring?

Technical mentoring is a blend of tutoring and coaching that specifically trains you to apply your data analytic skills to real-world problems. It focuses on having you explain your reasoning, in addition to deriving a solution.

Is there a specific software required?

No. These resources equip you with the skills to identify and decide on the best types of opportunities for you. You gain clarity on which software to include in your learning plan and which software to remove for now.

"I've had a strong interest in data analytics for years, but I felt so overwhelmed in the vast world of data that I didn't know where or how to begin the learning process. Asya provided the structure and resources for me to discover which field of data analytics to focus on and then build my skillset. Because of her insight and recommendations, my learning will continue on far beyond the coaching sessions."
Ava, Coaching Client

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Thanks for your message! If you are a good fit for Rose Data Career Strategy services, I'll be in touch within 2-3 business days with more details about how to schedule a call.

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Meet your data coach 

Asya Spears has used inclusive STEM learning practices since her time as a Calculus I teaching assistant. Since then, she has facilitated learning for professionals gaining data skills from Tableau to R. She does this work in support of a more diverse data-trained workforce to advance equity in all spaces where data is part of the conversation.

We bring 9+ years of experience analyzing health services data across academic, policy research, and industry settings. We have trained dozens of early-career public health professionals in statistics, data visualization, and research presentations using Excel, R, SAS, Stata, SQL, and Tableau.

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