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Rose Data Coaching

A 3-month group coaching program to help you bring your best to the data-driven Public Health challenges of our time.


"Learning a new program in addition to trying to understand the class material was turning out to be harder than I expected. I sought help through Rose Data Studio.


Two strategies I learned from working with Asya were how to develop more of a critical analytical approach by truly understanding the reasoning behind certain statistical tests.

I have already informed other colleagues about her awesome services."

Aeishia Brooks, Public Health Doctoral Student

This program might be for you if...

  • You want to apply more quantitative approaches to advancing health equity

  • Your dream role requires learning more software for data analysis and visualization

  • You are already comfortable with R, SAS, or Stata and are ready to add more tools to your toolkit

  • You are enrolled in (or considering) courses from Coursera or Udemy, and are concerned that there is no direct support from a TA or instructor 

  • You want to translate what you’re learning into the work you do!

Imagine if...

  • You had an adaptive professional development plan you felt confident in

  • You had 1:1 expert guidance as you learn and apply new data skills

  • You were able to build a portfolio to show the impact you can have in the field

  • You were encouraged and supported as you explored, tested and worked out new ideas

  • You shared your new knowledge with confidence and applied it to projects at work


Rose Data Coaching is here to help you develop your workflow for data analysis in Public Health

Building on what you already know, we will start with a strategy session to map out your skills and goals.


Then, during twice-monthly meetings, I will provide technical mentoring on coding assignments, offer strategic insights on your data visualizations, provide guidance and offer my perspective on career decisions, or provide resources for data topics you have questions about. You will also have a community to learn from!

We will focus on the foundations needed to be successful using new software to analyze and share data insights and build up from there.


Here's what our clients are saying

Get the coaching you need to thrive in your data ecosystem

Rose Data Coaching will help you find clarity in your journey, create adaptable learning plans, check new skills off your to-learn list, and position yourself as an in-demand public health analyst who can transform data into insights.


Coaching is offered in 3-month packages for $550 per month, or $1500 up front. Once you complete a 3-month commitment, you can add on another to support you in the next leg of your data journey.

Hi, I'm Asya


I am a Biostatistician, data coach, and design thinker. I earned my MS in Biostatistics from UCLA, my BS in Mathematics from Spelman College, and I have enhanced projects through data literacy, visualization, and storytelling for the past 7 years.

After spending 7 years participating in academic research and health policy projects, I moved into the world of Population Health Analytics.


It was there that I realized the power of building "tech stacks" for public health data analysts so that we might work more effectively in the health information technology landscape.


I support clients in their transition from early-career professional to seasoned data analyst. I refine any data messages I share and help my clients do the same. I work with SAS, Stata, SQL, R, Excel, and Tableau.

Inside the program

We will meet twice a month via Zoom for group training and mentoring sessions to cover popular topics of interest the group needs to move forward.


We can talk about principles of health information management, create a job search strategy, share our screens and work through code, or re-design a data visualization to offer just the right message to a specific audience.


If you are enrolled in a course with Coursera, EdX, Udemy, etc. I can serve as your virtual TA, as well as assist you in connecting the dots between the course content and the real-world applications.


We can audit and edit aspects of your LinkedIn profile to help you grow your network in your desired sector.

Data coaching will accelerate your understanding and practice of advancing health equity within the data landscape of your organization.

I am ready to support you!

Training and mentoring is what I was meant to do.


I am thrilled to help clients achieve lightbulb moments and pull all the data pieces together across a workflow - from the data warehouse to the final report.  

If you are seeking an encouraging and supportive environment to sharpen your skills, look no further.

Interest Form

Let's get started!

We start with 2 steps!

1) fill out the form to apply for consideration and

2) follow up with Asya


Once you apply for Rose Data Coaching using the form below, I will contact you to set up a call Mid-march.


If we decide to move forward, you will receive an invoice and a Coaching Participant agreement. Once you complete those, you will be invited to the group coaching community!

You can let me know in the form if you prefer the monthly payment plan or the upfront option.

I look forward to working with you!

Rose Data Coaching Application

To apply for the next coaching cohort, please take the time to fill out the information below. Cohorts start in March and September.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?
Rose Data Coaching sessions can be purchased for 3 months at a time. If, at the end of your 3-month engagement, you would like to renew, we can easily make that happen and continue our work together.


Which software or programs do you support?

I work with people learning SAS, Stata, R, SQL, Excel, and Tableau. I can offer recommendations if you are working with Python, PowerBI or SPSS.

How do I share my data with you?

If we are working together on a project like building a dashboard or creating a report, we will set up a shared drive to save our project data and related files. You can also share datasets related to courses you are working on.


What if it’s not a good fit?
Client satisfaction is a top priority! If you are not pleased with your services, contact us within 15 days of purchase and receive a full refund.


What if I need additional sessions?
You may be preparing for a big presentation or certification exam. In that case, you can purchase an additional session for $175/hr.


I am currently enrolled in a Masters or Doctoral program - is this for me?

We offer our Biostats x Thrive coaching program to support current students in their transition to the data workforce for $240 per month. Email if you are interested in participating.

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